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  • PTFX NO. 1 Scammer Defrauded Investors with the “Malaysia Dato”

    Last year, illegal broker PTFX ran away after blowing up all the accounts of its users, leaving the entire FX market astonished. The number of victims reached 2 millions very shortly, and many of them became homeless and debt ridden just overnight. Although PTFX has crashed, its former staff are still out there relentlessly defrauding investors under the name of other companies...
  • USD’s Proportion in Global Foreign Reserve Continues to Decline

    The recent data from International Monetary Fund shows that in Q4, 2019, the dollars share in global foreign reserves reported by the IMF dropped to 60.8% compared to the previous quarter, falling for the second straight quarter.To get more news about USD’s Proportion, you can visit wikifx news official website. As the number of confirmed cases continues to rise, the Unit...

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