Going Silent Will Only Fuel Grudges

  • Living peacefully in college doesn’t take a lot of effort, you simply need to be true to yourself and know what you want. You however ought to be doing things right and positively so that when you go for what you need you can be on the right side. Just like you work hard to learn how to write the best essay, you should apply the same diligence to make your life peaceful and happy.


    Being in college you will be constantly among different people whom in the process of socialization will step on your toes in one way or another. Instead of going silent thinking you are avoiding possible confrontation, you should speak your mind out just so your mates should know you are not pleased about the situation.


    You may find it hard initially but when your fellow students get used to your outspoken character they will learn how to handle you positively. Developing a personal brand is very simple by showing the positive character. The way you behave and treat others determines the way others will treat you too. Let your positive nature determine who you are and your fellow student will always have respect towards you, which will be after you respect them.