Moving to college. Stresses of the class

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    Oxford University published an unsettling statistics: you might have problems with your social group if you are attending a higher educational institution currently. Scientists have discovered that college stress can cause a devastating effect, paired with the lack of sleep and overall fatigue. Social circles start fading away slowly and researchers claim it is only the tip of an iceberg. Many of us study away from home, and not being able to spend time with your nearest and dearest is the major source of disappointment and frustration. Social contacts are an indispensable part of our daily lives, which is a golden truth. Studies have also proved there are gender differences in maintaining contact in order to feel good. Women, according to these studies, have stronger connections and feelings towards their close acquaintances, though it may not always be romantic. Men do not have that kind of bond. If there are groups of four, they will keep up with the flow unless they have to move out of town or leave for another country. A casual relationship is going on in case of male friends, and that is the nature and the essence of it.

    Girls, for instance, have to call their besties on the phone to feel happy and secure, while boys prefer to meet up in person and draw their energy from there. Scientists can’t possibly tell how the mechanism works – they know you are going to be stressed next time you come home for Christmas, and your home assignment has nothing to do with the depression. The set of friends you have when you finish school and the one you obtain once you enter college are two worlds that shall never meet. We can, of course, draw parallels and make our own speculations, but the truth is simple. You will be obliged to give up to the strict rules of societies and find enough courage to resist the upcoming tide of academic issues. You should, however, maintain contact with your old flames in order to maintain a healthy mental status. We can only recommend being around companies most of the time. We know many of you seek solitude on a daily basis, but that’s not how the scheme works when it comes to communication. Verbal connections are a vital part of our college life, and if you are a freshman, trying to blend in with the company, you have to stick to the original friendships.