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    Actually hit the guy but buy mt nba 2k20 make the hitting noise.DAVID ATTENBOROUGH's voice is one of the least mistakable of all time, due in large part to chuckleheaded attempts to parody him by trotting out any roughly British-sounding guy. Such pale attempts only underscore how irreplaceable Attenborough actually is. Here's three minutes

    of him clowning on a sloth.DAVID BOWIE is on this bracket.DAVID CARR v. DAVID CHANG is among the most pelling first-round tilts. David Carr is a lesson in self-sacrifice. He was sacked 249 times over his first five seasons in Houston. Over the course of his career, he was sacked for about 11 percent as many yards as he

    passed for, which might make you sad if you think about it for too long. Instead, think of David Chang, the populist superstar and culinary genius. One of the most satisfying meals of my life was a bowl of ramen at his noodle bar. Wasn't that good? I mean, I was the one to eat it and not you, but still, iwasn't it good?iDAVE

    CHAPPELLE provided some of the sharpest, most unsparing edy of our generation, and it was lost on legions of dummies who laughed for the wrong reasons and missed the point entirely.                      I will certainly not endorse DAVID CROSS unconditionally, but he is responsible for the "104 blaglock" stand-up bit and co-responsible for iMr. Showi, and no amount of "there's some real oddballs in religion!" can take that away from him.LARRY DAVID co-created a sit that can be watched and cackled at 25 years later, a near-impossible feat. He also found the inspiration for iCurb Your Enthusiasmi's score from a dang bank mercial, thereby finding

    perfection where he absolutely should never have found it.DAVID FINCHER nba 2k20 mt directed iThe Gamei, and that's a real neat movie!                      DAVID "DEACON" JONES tackled the quarterback so hard and so many times that his word for it became the legal word for it.There is far more to say about DAVID LETTERMAN than this


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