I hate the Classic Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta


    I hate the Classic Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta hype train as much as the next guy, but what you have to see is that vanilla WoW has been there for these guys. PSO2 was not. We were guaranteed PSO2 such as... what? 7 decades back? It never arrived. The men and women who really wanted to play with it have maxed characters. So yeah, it is kind of

    difficult to become nostalgic for a game which you had the chance to play in the first place.I hope you enjoy yourself. PSO2 isn't a terrible game by any means, but I wasn't hooked by it up to PSO and PSU did. Here is hoping your experience is going to differ from mine. It really looks really great for its age, so I am not slighting it. More to the point they kept it in the West for so long that it is kind of silly to expect a lot of the lovers that are old to care at this point. I believe a lot of the PSO fans feel just like Sega spat in their face by asserting but never providing for such a long time.

    I'm pretty sure everybody here loves it to death. Not in my circles though. People praise it as the next best thing in MMO gaming and circle-jerk from the WoW reddit. In my opinion, it isn't. There are games out there which have done more for the genre than one which became a sensation thanks in no small part to South Park and

    If we took a poll of gamers I would bet most have no idea what PSO2 is. WoW might not be the powerhouse it was years before, but just having it on the front page of Twitch daily, would at least give it fame among individuals people who have never and will never play it. Just like you said, PSO2 never came. Reddit is largely english-based and hefty on NA. OP is a bit missing, I think.As that I mentioned above, I do not think PSO2 appears bad. Much to the contrary, some of its outfits and it's character style system do hold up.

    Nevertheless, it's kind of just like DQX. There is a group of hardcore fans that PSO2 Meseta would absolutely leap at the opportunity to play it at the west, but many others that just feel scorned by SE by never bringing it over in the first location. It is worse for PSO2 since Sega made many promises and even had a website for the English version, and we've been strung along with empty promises with this long.You shouldn't care what this sub thinks. PSO2 is. I am sure there will be issues with licensing, censorship, and translations but Phantasy Star Online 2 is still great and worth playing.


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