Maintenance technical available for china impact crusher

  • Impactor breaker is the latest series of new type powerful graphite impact crusher with high efficiency researched, manufactured and developed by SBM by combining with the specific working condition in domestic sand and stone industry on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology from Austria. This new generation of breaker machine can be used in the second and third medium and fine crushing process and it has many superior features such as small size, simple structure, big crushing ratio, convenient operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, high production capacity, even product granularity and selective ore crushing function, so that it is a very promising breaker machine in the mining industry.

    The biggest disadvantage of impactor breaker is easy abrasions of plate hammer and impact plate. Especially when crushing hard ores, the abrasion will be more serious, so that these spare parts need regular change. To prolong the service life of impactor breaker, it is advisable for customers to know some maintenance techniques available for China impact crusher.

    1. After a new impact crushing machine is put into use, a comprehensive check should be carried out on the breaker machine every time it completes a shift. After running for two weeks, the comprehensive check can be carried out every month. The electrical machine and lubrication of this breaker machine should be carried out every week, and the check content includes the fastening condition of the fixed parts and belt drive, bearing seal and electric switch.

    2. Check the abrasion condition of the spare parts such as plate hammer, impact plate and lining board every week and establish regular maintenance and change system combining with the maintenance cycle.

    3. When the rotor is running, the gap between rotor and impact board can never be adjusted.

    4. To guarantee the safety of operators and equipment, it is forbidden to repair, adjust and clean the equipment in the running process and forbidden to open various small doors.

    5. Feed materials into the breaker machine after it normally operates, and the feeding process should be even and iron and other hard materials should be prevented from mixing in the raw materials. When stopping it, first stop feeding materials to wait until all the materials inside the crushing chamber are crushed, and then the electric motor can be stopped.

    6. When product granularity of materials to be crushed are too big, SBM reminds you to stop the China impact crusher machine and check the abrasion condition of the plate hammer to prevent rotor from being abraded.