Prohibited items for use of raymond mill

  • When using large production equipment such as Raymond Mill, there are a lot of operation precautions, which are also to be done, and the same are some operations that can not be carried out, which are also prohibited. Only by doing these operations well can we ensure the smooth production of the mill. This article is to introduce the problems of the prohibited items.

    1. Do not read the manual before operation

    We know that when the Raymond Mill leaves the factory, there will be a manual about the operation, that is to say, some instructions about the addition of materials and the adjustment of machine parameters, etc., but many workers start to produce without reading the manual, so it will cause frequent failures of the equipment during production, which greatly affects the production To the service life of the machine, as well as production efficiency;

    2. Equipment on load start

    In many cases, there will be some materials in the grinding chamber during the use of Raymond mill, but the staff did not discharge them. The next day, they did not discharge them first, and directly started the operation. This situation is very easy to cause serious damage to the inner part of the mill and parts, increasing the maintenance cost;

    3. Unqualified power supply

    During the production of Raymond mill, the power supply is mainly to provide power to help it operate better. Different types of equipment have requirements for power supply. If the power supply is unqualified, it cannot provide the necessary power and the machine cannot work smoothly;

    4. Improper wearing of personal protective equipment

    The grinder is a large-scale mining production equipment, so it will produce a lot of noise in the work. In addition, because the raymond grinder equipment is for the processing of fine powder, so the separation problem in the production is inevitable, so the staff need to wear more perfect protective equipment, otherwise it will cause great harm to health;

    5. Use only without maintenance

    In the production process of fine powder, the internal parts will be damaged, which will affect the service life of the machine. Therefore, operators need to regularly maintain all parts of the mill, which is an effective scheme to extend its service life;