Can fine powder be produced using a ultrafine mill?

  • The production of ultra-fine powder mill not only introduces advanced foreign technology, but also combines the use of our country, so it is a very suitable equipment for the needs of the powder industry in our country. It exists for processing fine powder and requires a feed of 30 mm. Right and left, at the time of production, as long as the feed meets the requirements of the machine, it can be processed. The finished product particles are smaller and are called fine powder.

    With the continuous development of the milling industry, the demand for powder products is constantly changing, not only the required fineness is changing, but also the quality requirements are constantly changing. So for equipment such as ultrafine grinding mill, The material properties that it can produce are limited. Similarly, its discharge port can only be adjusted within a specific range, so the fineness of the finished product is also within a specific range, so not all fine powders can be used. Produced using an ultrafine mill.

    So how to solve this situation? That is to develop some machines that meet the production requirements according to market demand, such as vertical mills and micro-mills. These two types of equipment are relatively finer than the ultra-fine mills. Machine can meet the demand for fine powder on the modern market.

    This article mainly introduces the problem of whether the ultrafine milling machine can be used to produce all fine powders. Through the introduction above, we can find that it is not possible. The fineness of the finished product that can be processed by this type of machine is In a specific range, to meet more production needs, more different mills are needed to achieve it.