Raymond mill equipment does not produce powder or spray powder

  • The problem of powder in the production process of raymond mill equipment has always been a problem that people are more concerned about, because whether the powder is not produced or the powder spray phenomenon has a certain impact on production, it will cause the equipment to be shut down and repaired, which will cause production The decline in efficiency and increase in operating costs are harmful to the overall production efficiency. Therefore, only by solving this problem can the equipment serve the production better. Let's introduce what causes the raymond mill to fail. Powdering or dusting.

    First of all, the phenomenon of no powder is generally caused by the laxity of the unloader, because the raymond mill uses circulating air during production, and the circulating air needs to reach the gas-solid through the separator. Separation. If the separator has positive and negative pressure at the same time, the feeding opening will not be tightly closed, which will cause the phenomenon of no powder. Therefore, only the sealing of the feeding opening can be used to solve the phenomenon of no powder.

    The second is the phenomenon of dusting. This is mainly due to the fact that a certain amount of heat is generated in the production process of the raymond mill, and this heat and excess air volume need to be discharged through the dust collector to the circulation system. It will be discharged from the feed port, which causes the phenomenon of dusting from the feed port. To solve this problem, it is necessary to clean the dust bag regularly, or a fully automatic pulse dust collector can be used.

    The phenomenon of powder in the production process of raymond mill equipment is mainly the phenomenon of no powder or powder spraying from the discharge port. The reasons and solutions for these two phenomena were found above. The main reason is that the discharge port is not protected from wind. Strict and dust collectors can not rule out the excess air volume and heat. It can be solved according to these two reasons in production. Only when these two problems are solved can the raymond mill work better.