How should we judge the quality of the grinding rollers of the

  • Grinding roller is a very important part in the ultrafine mill. The quality of the roller seriously affects the efficiency of production and the quality of the finished product. Therefore, we need to be more careful about this factor when purchasing. Judgment, so how can we judge its quality quickly and accurately?

    We know that inside the ultrafine mill, the grinding roller is a wear-resistant part, which means that the part will wear during work. This phenomenon will continuously reduce its life, so it will be in production. After a period of use, the efficiency of the equipment will decline. Generally speaking, the wear needs to be solved through reasonable maintenance. However, to solve this problem fundamentally, it needs to start with its production materials. Generally, Said that if the material has good wear resistance, the service life of the component will be relatively long.

    Now there are many types of wear-resistant materials on the market. Different types of materials will make the performance of the ultrafine mill different, and it will also make its production costs different. At this time, we need to make a reasonable choice based on the investment budget. Generally In general, the materials used for grinding rollers are all manganese 13 and their wear resistance is relatively good, but some manufacturers may use other materials to replace them for competitive advantage. Therefore, when selecting, you need to judge the material Is it manganese 13? Generally speaking, a simple and effective method is to use a magnet to absorb the grinding roller. If the grinding roller is not attracted by the magnet, it is true manganese 13, otherwise it is false, so the user is buying ultrafine grinding. When the powder machine, you can carry a magnet with you, which can effectively identify the material of the roller.

    In the production process of the mill, the grinding roller is mainly used to realize the grinding process of the material, and there will be a large loss in the production. After selecting a good quality grinding roller, we must also pay attention to its maintenance in production. This can better make it serve the production process of materials.

    This article mainly introduces how we can judge the quality of ultrafine mill rollers. Regarding this problem, we introduce the reasons for judging its quality, and then analyze how to judge the problem. It is to use magnets to absorb the rollers. This method is not only simple, but also effective. After selecting the appropriate rollers, we need to maintain them reasonably during production so that they can better serve the production process.