Cone crusher masters the market demand with its new design

  • Cone crusher is one of the most widely used crushing equipment. In the purchase of hydraulic cone crusher, how to determine the model of the crushing equipment according to the hardness of materials is a problem that all users are most concerned about. Once wrong model crusher has been selected, its production capacity will not be enough, which will greatly influence the quality of the crushed materials, and the wearing parts will bring great damage to the equipment for a long time. Therefore, in the purchase of cone crusher, we should choose the suitable cone crusher according to this important factor.

    The chamber of new cone crusher produced by SBM has special design, which adopts the inter granular lamination principle and the appropriate speed, so that it can improve the crushing ratio and yield, so as to increase the cubic content of the finished product. The allocation of three hydraulic insurance institutions include insurance cylinder, locking cylinder and hydraulic drive cylinder, and this assembly can play a role in insurance of troubleshooting problems. It can realize the effective maintenance of the machine. The crushing wall and rolling mortar wall use high manganese steel during the production process, and the special change of material layer protection and laminating crushing cavity can greatly reduce the wear of the machine, so as to greatly improve the service life of crushing machine.

    SBM reminds the majority of customers that after buying cone crusher, what you need to do is to ensure that the load is in the scope of the operation requirements without exceeding this range. If no attention is paid, it will make the load of the equipment increase, so it is possible to cause the production safety accidents. When the crushing operations are complete, the correct operation is to stop feeding, and then completely cut off the power supply of the crushing cavity after the crushing of all the material remaining in the cavity, so as to ensure the safety production. For more information about crushing equipment price, please contact us!