Sand-making process flow of sand and gravel production line

  • First of all, the high-quality construction sand and gravel production line meets the needs of sustainable development, and pays more attention to the harmonious coexistence of people and the environment. Therefore, at the moment when the trend of environmental protection is getting stronger, the high-quality sand and gravel production line will definitely be more popular; A large number of small sand and gravel factories have been closed, and new large-scale quarries and stone processing plants have been built one after another, which puts forward higher requirements for mining equipment, and urgently needs energy-saving, environmentally friendly crushing with large processing capacity, high sand making efficiency and reliable operation. Sand-making machinery and equipment, so the development of high-yield and energy-saving construction sand and gravel production lines will definitely be the mainstream of the future sand and gravel market; finally, high-quality construction sand and gravel production lines have outstanding performance in terms of processing capacity and sand-making effect. Therefore, it is also destined that the investment prospect of this production line in the market will be a good one.

    Take the construction sand and gravel production line with some auxiliary sand making equipment such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine and feeder as the main selection and matching ratio. It is evenly sent to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed materials are sent to the cone crusher by the belt conveyor for secondary fine crushing. The finely crushed materials are transported to the sand making machine for sand making and shaping, and then round again. The vibrating screen is used for screening, the materials that meet the particle size requirements of the finished product are output by the conveyor belt, and those that do not meet the requirements are returned to the sand making machine to continue sand making until they meet the requirements. In addition, it should be added that for users who have high-standard requirements for finished sand and gravel products, they can also choose a washing and sorting equipment-sand washing machine after the sand making machine, in order to realize the cleaning and removal of impurities for the finished sand and gravel materials.