When you build a portable stage, which one is highly suitable f




    When you build a portable stage, there will definitely be a lot of problems. Let's talk about the stage height problem.


    The specifications of the celebration stage generally have the following three types: 20cm height, 40cm height, 60cm height; why are there three stages of different heights? Then let's take a look at the difference between them.


    (1)20CM height stage:


    The 20CM height stage is suitable for small and medium-sized events or indoor activities.


    Suitable for small and medium-sized activities; the stage of 20CM generally does not want to open too much distance with the audience, such as merchandise promotions, birthday paty, internal company annual meeting, etc. I hope that I can interact with the close-up and close-up, so I don't use a high stage. The height of 20cm is the most suitable.


    Indoor venue activities; general hotel or ordinary indoors have a certain height limit, if the stage height is too high, it will cause the people on the stage to be too close to the roof, which is easy to cause oppression and inconsistency. Therefore, the indoor stage is generally not too high, but if the indoor space is large, then it is said.




    (2)40CM height stage:


    This kind of high-level stage is the most commonly used, and it is also beautifully built, especially the construction of the celebration stage; for example, the start-up ceremony, the launching ceremony, the opening ceremony, the opening ceremony, the foundation laying ceremony or the company annual meeting will use the 40CM stage.


    The advantage of this high-level stage is that it can maintain a formal, serious, and grand atmosphere of the event, to maintain a certain distance from the audience, and to have interaction.




    (3)60CM height stage:


    The stage of 60CM height is suitable for large venues. When the number of participants is large, the most common one is the concert of star concerts. In order to prevent the audience from obscuring the sight of the audience behind, the 60CM is a relatively high stage. .



    RK portable stage has a height of 10-100m to choose from, suitable for your various occasions.


    A portable stage platform and a portable stage riser can complete a small portable stage, and then these small portable stages are spliced into a complete stage. Building a portable stage is as simple as that.