What are the previous work of build a portable stage?


    Activities generally need to build a portable stage, because the stage has a great advantage compared to the ordinary ground space, because each stage can play a role in highlighting the scene of the event, the stage can be built to allow people to pass by at a glance At the scene of the event, it can promote the success of the event, which is very beneficial for the promotion and sales of the product.

    So, what skills can be followed for the event stage construction?


    1.  Conduct targeted market research on the company Collect various materials related to the project, including texts, pictures and videos. The collected data is sorted and organized, and the collection is archived.


    1.  Develop a detailed and complete exhibition planning plan and determine the target market of the exhibition, the scale of the exhibition, the selection of exhibits, the number of audiences and the size of the exhibition area and the budget for the exhibition.


    1.  According to the specific situation of the participants and the number of corresponding vehicles, or according to the preferences of the participants to develop style. Also add portable stage backdrop, portable stage ramps, portable stage stair and so on.