What height does RK portable stage apply to various activities?


    You will be curious as to where the portable stage can be applied. Here are some of the more common scenarios where the following stage heights apply:


    The typical stage is usually 20cm, 40cm, 60cm;


    20cm high stage: mostly used for small and medium-sized or indoor activities, because the scale is small, it is convenient to draw closer to the audience, in order to better communicate. Mostly used for birthday parties, corporate annual meetings, product recommendations, etc.;


    40cm high stage: the most commonly used, but also the most beautiful, especially in the stage of the celebration, such as the opening ceremony, launching ceremony, unveiling ceremony, annual meeting of large enterprise companies the 40cm stage is used on the top. The 40cm stage can create a formal, serious and grand stage atmosphere, which can be separated from the audience without losing its interactivity and intimacy;


    60cm high stage: used for large-scale, large-scale occasions It can make all viewers have better viewing effects, suitable for concerts, star meetings, etc.


    The RK portable stage riser is available in a variety of heights to suit your wide range of venues, as well as the type of activity.


    RK stage manufacturer offers you a wide range of performance equipment, you can choose stage truss, dance floor, flight cases, wedding drape and so on.


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