Precautions when you build a portable stage


    First, survey the site in advance and make a reasonable and safe design for the stage.


    At the same time, rigid requirements are placed on suppliers, design and safety requirements are listed as a single, and special personnel are dispatched for on-site supervision. It should be noted that supervision is a full-time work, whether the design drawings meet the safety standards, whether the equipment materials on the field are in conformity with the specifications, whether the stage construction is strictly in accordance with the safety drawings, whether there are safety hazards at the performance site, and the end of the daily work including performances. Whether it is safe to clean up the site after the platform is removed... Every step requires a commissioner to be present.


    In addition, the supervisor must remember to arrange and urge the frontline workers to take precautionary measures (insurance must be in place) and strengthen safety awareness (some workers feel that safety measures affect the activities and discard the direct operation of protection, which is very dangerous!), Especially in high places, more attention should be paid. For the organizers, in addition to the necessary supervision on the stage safety, the selection of professional teams and equipment is also the key to reducing risks and improving efficiency.


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