How to add beauty to your portable stage


    A perfect performance is the number of elements that light can express emotions. Stage lighting equipment creates a sense of space and time with the atmosphere of light. Let's take a look at the various equipment items!


    Stage lighting

    Computer lights, downlights, AC lights, imaging lights, digital light controls, computer light consoles, dimming stations, effect lights, laser lights, surface lights, strobe lights, three-color soft lights, chasing lights, spotlights, Computer scanning lights, computer color changing lights, computer astigmatism lights, pattern lights, etc.



    Stage truss 

    Plane or space structure frame, generally square column type, used for lighting hanging, speaker hanging, outdoor temporary exhibition booth and background skeleton construction. Also known as truss.


    RK stage manufacturer offers you a wide range of stage-related performance equipment such as stage truss, dance floor, portable stage, portable stage background and more.