How to choose the right portable stage for your budget


    If you need to set up a stage for performances and events, then you must definitely consider the budget. From the economics of the stage, let's recommend a few plans for setting up the stage.


    Stage construction type: ordinary type, economic type, luxury type.


    normal type:

    Stage (adjustable size)

    Width: 4 m * Length: 6.6 m; Stage height: 40 cm

    Background frame (can be customized according to site size)


    Economic type:

    Stage height: 40 cm, 60 cm

    (can be raised to 60 cm (adjustable stage size))

    Background frame, stage background can be customized design, stage lighting, etc.;

    Suitable for occasions: small bands, small events, store opening, celebration festivals, etc.


    Luxury type:

    Width: 6 m * length: 8 m; stage height: 60 cm

    Lighting, stage background frame, stage background cloth, audio equipment, etc.;

    Suitable for occasions: large stage, square dance, campus evening, outside marriage, etc.


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