New Ways To Customize for Forsaken Masters - Path of Exile

  • The forsaken masters are eight NPCs that randomly spawn in Wraeclast and offer the player missions. In exchange for completing these missions, players will be granted a hideout and exclusive crafting options. While the new methods will be more straightforward to use, it will not replace customization using Path of Exile Currency.



    New ways to customize
    Part of the features introduced by the Forsaken Masters content update is the Crafting Bench. Once a player has successfully invited a master to their Hideout, they will have access to his Crafting Bench. Depending on the Master, what you can craft on the bench will vary. Some will allow players to craft armor while others like Vorici will all let you modify an item’s sockets. Note that the capabilities of the bench will also improve as the Master increases in level.


    Using Vorici’s Crafting Bench, players will be able to modify as well as add sockets to their POE Currency. As the levels of this master increases, they will be able to increase the number of sockets for skill gems in their gear. Higher levels can add more links between these sockets. Players can even reroll the colors of the socket. Finally, at level eight, they will be able to modify a corrupted item’s sockets.


    Costs and limits
    Players will pay using the same currency used when modifying their sockets normally. However, the cost will be significantly higher as the element of luck is greatly reduced when using Crafting Benches. Another limitation of Crafting Benches is that only the owner of the Hideout will be able to use the Crafting Bench. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, the capabilities of the bench will depend on the level of the Master. This means, players cannot use a friend’s higher level crafting bench to modify their items.


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