How to choose solid color beach towel and printed beach towel?

  • It can be said that more and more people go to the beach to play in the summer. Generally, a beach towel is used when going to the beach. Beach towels can wipe the body's moisture, can protect the sun, and can be used as a resting cushion. It is also a match. Believe that on this beach, in addition to bikinis, beach towels are attractive. However, there are many types of beach towels, like how to choose solid color beach towels and sports cooling towel? There are two types of beach towels that are more popular on the market today, pure color beach towels and printed beach towels. The choice of these two types of beach towels is actually simply to see what consumers like. Pure color beach towels are generally a simple color, very simple but look very refreshing, just like wearing a solid color shirt with short sleeves, it will always feel particularly comfortable. And printed beach towels are more diversified, because the blessing of printing technology can print a variety of patterns on the beach towels, which can meet the needs of more consumers. There are generally two printing technologies on the China printing towel factory today, one is traditional printing, and the other is digital printing. Traditional printing is actually the printing technology that is frequently used. It takes a long time and has a large share, but it cannot meet the current environmental protection development requirements. The real development time of digital printing is not long, but the speed is really rapid. In just a few years, the market share has been growing rapidly. Of course, the reason why digital printing is so loved by consumers is because it meets the needs of today's fast fashion. how to say? 1. Digital printing technology does not need to make plates, so it not only saves production costs but also saves time for making plates. 2. There are no restrictions, no restrictions, no restrictions. The important thing is to say three times. There is no restriction on color registration and pattern restrictions in the production of digital printing technology, so you can design as you want. 3. Fast delivery, did you know that the production speed of digital printing is directly 5 times faster than traditional printing. Generally, you can deliver large goods directly within one week. 4. There is a more important point, green and environmentally friendly, such products are used with confidence. So when choosing a beach towel, a solid beach towel is simple and refreshing, and a 100% cotton digital printing towel is more personal and can attract everyone's attention.