Dimple Drainage Board Function And Installation Cautions

  • Dimple drainage board can effectively protect structures and waterproofing layer, and resist all kinds of acid and alkali in soil and root thorns of plants. When backfilling basement walls, it protects buildings and waterproofing from damage. Sound insulation, ventilation, and moisture-proof functions The laboratory data show that the HDPE (polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof and drainage protection plate can effectively reduce the indoor noise of 14 db and 500HZ, with obvious noise reduction and sound insulation function. The waterproof guide water board is used in the ground or metope, also has a very good ventilated moistureproof effect. 1. Please store dimple drainage board factory price in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent exposure to the sun and keep them away from fire sources. 2. Please put the drainage protection board vertically or horizontally, and do not tilt or cross the pressure. The stacking height should not exceed 3 floors. 3. laying should be smooth and natural, along the slope or in accordance with the flow of water. 4. When laying geotextile alone, the lap joint shall be 150cm. The lap joint shall be compacted with glue or sand to avoid movement, and then backfilled.