Black And Green Geomembrane

  • Black and green geomembrane is also called black and green double color geomembrane, black and green geomembrane is a new type of anti-seepage film with one side as black and one side as green, black and green anti-seepage film is generally made of high-density polyethylene particles (HDPE) through three layers of co-extrusion blow molding production. The black and green geomembrane made by HDPE geomembrane manufacturers is mainly used in the construction of landfills. High quality black and green dual-color geomembrane not only has a good anti-seepage effect but also has higher puncture resistance, strong tensile strength, long anti-aging ability, the following small makeup will introduce the advantages of black and green dual-color geomembrane in detail. 1. Good materials The green of the black-green dual-color geomembrane has higher requirements for raw materials. Only high-quality raw materials can produce a green surface. The recycled materials with mixed materials and inconsistent colors cannot produce the black-green dual-color geomembrane. 2. Good quality The black and green dual-color geomembrane can only be produced with brand new materials or first-class white materials. High-quality raw materials ensure the product quality of the black dual-color geomembrane. Therefore, the quality of the black and green dual-color geomembrane is generally higher than or equal to the black geomembrane of the same specification. The black and green two-color high quality LDPE geomembrane generally implements the urban construction CJ/ t234-2006 standard. 3. Good appearance The appearance of the black and green dual-color earth membrane smooth and shiny without obvious material point, high quality black and green earth membrane not only has good sun resistance and aging resistance, the green surface of the black and green earth membrane also has environmental protection, beautiful characteristics, so the black and green dual-color earth membrane is often used in landfill coverage, closure. 4. Long service life It is well known black endothermic, completely black geomembrane though has good anti-aging resistance to bask inability, but because of how much endothermic characteristics will also affect the service life of the black geomembrane, and dark green two-color impervious membrane on the premise of guarantee the anti-aging ability to resist dry, green surface can reduce the heat absorption capacity of geomembrane, greatly extend the service life of the geomembrane.