What new content does Burning Crusade Classic bring?

  • No more preparation allowed for the WoW Classic crowd because it’s time to once again dive headlong into the broken realm of Outland as The Burning Crusade releases today! Everything old is new again indeed. Yes there’s even a helpful recap of global release times available for players who are already enjoying the pre-patch and are eager to jump right into the continent of shattered islands as soon as possible.

    How to have the same character in WoW Classic Vanilla and Burning Crusade Classic
    Those who want to have the same character in both kingdoms can "clone" it through a payment and a complicated process. The only free alternative is to keep the character only in WoW Classic Vanilla or Burning Crusade Classic.

    What new content does Burning Crusade Classic bring?
    Players will make the journey to the Hellfire Peninsula in the Blasted Lands and beyond the Dark Portal. In this new location you will find the new missions modes races and others that the expansion brings.

    Blizzard Entertainment has spent the last few weeks preparing for this day. On May 19 a pre-patch debuted preparing WoW Classic for the release of the expansion. The pre-patch added new playable races (Draenei on the Alliance side and Blood Elves for the Horde) and implemented changes to items and character classes. After installing the update players had to decide whether their characters would continue to level up or remain in the world from before the patch.

    For those who managed to miss the feature list for this particular old expansion the full thing includes a level cap bump to level 70 the new area of Outland new abilities for every class and spec new quests flying mounts and more content for the Blood Elves and Draenei characters who were already available during the aforementioned prepatch. There are also a variety of account services you can purchase for notably high prices if you want to celebrate the release by spending money but they’re not necessary if you just want to venture to Outland for the first time again.

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