How to find your website net worth using a domain calculator ?



    Anything that can be sold will be sold among men. And that definitely includes websites and any sort of online market. If it shows profit, you can almost guarantee that someone will be able to identify its worth and want a piece of that pie.

    These days, websites are like real estate. They have values based on where they stand in the world of online business. How they perform adds value and potential. But how do you know what a website net worth is? What are some of the key factors that add value to something like a website or online market?

    All websites have value. Value of website has become increasingly popular, as many websites are bought and sold based on things like their domain, design, and amount of regular/annual traffic.

    To determine a website net worth is somewhat debatable still. Most buyers want to know what their potential earnings could be, and therefore will require a back history report of how much the website has been selling to give them an idea of what it could do in the future. The buyers also what to know how much they will have to contribute to the existing site to get that same amount out of the website that the seller is claiming to make.

    Just like in real estate risk plays an important role in website net worth. An abundance of content that will stay true to your websites existing brand will allow a new buyer the change to subtly make changes that will prevent the loss of traffic. However, even with subtle changes the likelihood of losing traffic is great when a website is purchased. High risk may provide a bigger initial investment, but overall, a slow growing company is definitely the most sought-after.

    Depending on what kind of website you own will also contribute to how much it is worth. Websites that sell products are often worth less, since they merely sell a product, and without the product they would be nothing. Websites like blogs are somewhat more desirable due to their high numbers of traffic. But these websites are often the ones to lose traffic immediately once they have been taken over by a new owner.

    Websites such as Hub Pages which are user generated websites are often bought and sold regularly. They are a high commodity since running them is pretty minimal and they attract millions of viewers daily, making a potential for earning very high. Since these websites are bought and sold regularly, know that they will be a much larger asking price, but the investment may be worth knowing that, if you want, you can turn around and sell it quickly and fairly easily.

    website net worth is tricky, and not set in stone. What you think your website might be worth could change quickly, almost instantly. And finding the valuation is only half the battle. Once you settle on a price that you think it is worth, you have to find someone with the money who agrees.