Low Price 50mW 650nm Red Line Laser Module Review

  • If users are trying to make extremely clear and fine line alignment at quite long work distance, it is difficult to reach with a formal manual line aligning tool. At the same time, after continuous technical innovation of 650nm red laser diode and qualified glass coated lens with different fan angles, it is developing into a quite practically used device of red line laser module. When it is projecting highly clear and fine enough red reference line with different lengths, this laser line generator should only be installing onto industrial machine or device, thus projecting extremely fine and straight red line at great distance effectively.
    When 50mW 650nm red line laser module is pointing onto various working surfaces, it is always getting serious need of highly precise and quick enough line measurement in use. It is employing import 650nm red laser diode as beam emitting source, equipping with inner metal heat sink cooling system inside durable housing tube, it is getting increasing laser beam stability and highly clear red line alignment for both long time and long distance use. The adoption of aircraft used aluminum alloy housing tube is accepting wide range operating temperature, but also protecting laser line generator from any type of harsh working occasion of mechanical moving or shocking etc.

    In various industrial line measuring work fields, according to the use of qualified glass coated lens with different fan angles, this 50mW 650nm red line laser module is projecting various line lengths of 0.5 meter to 6 meters. It is performing with clear and fine line indication, without any affect of laser light decay or blur in constant use. Only if this laser line generator gets basic measurement and experiment of technical data, after correct use of optic lens degree, it is able to make quite satisfied line positioning results for laser cutting, sand milling, lumber machine, and other high tech work fields etc.
    With the assistance of laser alignment mounting bracket and extending electric wires for both 50mW red line laser module and DC power supply, it is making noncontact and no barrier line projection onto multiple working surfaces. It is able to make the most satisfied line positioning result within the maximum work distance of 25 meters and other formal lighting working occasions. After quite easy adjustment of laser beam focus and laser line projecting direction within three dimensions, this industrial alignment laser just makes high speed and high accuracy line measurement in distance. On basis of high attention to thermal energy hurt to human eyes and wearing of correct laser safety goggles, it just makes highly secured and quick response line alignment perfectly.