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    January 8, 2020 9:23 PM PST
    There is more to video conferencing than first meets the eye. The concept is simple but the benefits are far reaching. Video conferencing gives two parties in separate locations the ability to come face to face with anyone Taysom Hill Shirt , anywhere, from the comfort of your business or home office. This may sound like just another modern convenience in the world of growing technology, but there's much more to it than that.

    There are many ways to benefit from using a fully interactive communication system. If you choose video conferencing on a flat screen TV you can be assured of high quality sound and outstanding visual images. You will have unlimited worldwide access which will save you both travel time and expense.

    Many people are concerned about size when it comes to finding a flat screen TV. However, there is no need to worry. Many businesses offer services to design or order a television screen that is custom made to fit your needs. Most units are thin and compact making them easy to move around, and there are special kits available if you decide to use the wall mount option. What if you plan to hold conferences from your desk? You can also choose a flat screen TV that fits into small spaces making your desk side meeting both possible and easy.

    Video conferencing has come a long way over time and you may be surprised by some of the changes. These days you can view your screen from any angle Rick Leonard Jersey , so those crowded meeting rooms won't present a problem. Clear, sharp sound makes it easier to hear and understand the details of an important meeting. Lighting problems are a thing of the past. Flat screens can now be used in any light. This allows you not only to take notes without squinting, while also viewing a clear, crisp picture on the screen, which is difficult to do with a projection unit. Most units are easy to use Tre'Quan Smith Jersey , and therefore create a much more user-friendly system for businesses with fewer technologic glitches and problems.

    By conducting these high-tech meetings from the comfort of your own office or conference room, you can eliminate many travel expenses. Conferencing over a television screen allows for meetings with people in separate locations that you may have otherwise needed to travel to. We all know that phone conferencing is possible, but it is much easier to meet with large groups of people if you can see who is speaking, and also simultaneously view a presentation they may have. With these types of conferences, decisions will be faster and easier to make Marcus Davenport Jersey , because you have the meeting instantaneously from your business location.

    How will you purchase your video conferencing package? That depends on your needs and what you want. Many audiovisual integration companies offer custom solutions designed to fit your business needs. These companies specialize in analyzing your business and provide you with the best technology for your needs, offering top brands and professional equipment, as well as integration and installation. Prices vary depending on size, quality, and brand.

    Overall Sheldon Rankins Jersey , upgrading your business' conference room with the latest technology and a high-quality flat screen television can not only increase efficiency of conferences, but also help cut costs associated with travel. It is truly an innovation that your business cannot afford to be without.

    The Process of 'Vivid Thinking' Which Makes Success Certain! - Part 1 Self Help Articles | June 12, 2005


    Some principles are so simple that we often overlook their significance. For instance, success is lack of failure; each failure is due to some mistake; each mis-take in action originates in some mistake in thinking. To change from failure to suc-cess, it is necessary to develop those processes of thought which prevent mis-takes Alex Anzalone Jersey , and which lead to success.



    There is a process of success. It is a dual process. The first step is vivid imaging in thinking. It is the subject of this chap-ter. The second step is idealized doing. It is the subject of the next chapter. This dual process-vivid imaging and idealized doing -guarantees success.
    You have often been told that success comes to the man who "uses his brain"- that is, to the man who thinks. But mere thinking will not prevent him from making mistakes; neither will purposeful thinking, nor well thought out plans.


    Thinking in vivid images is the only process which always prevents mistakes.


    Even great experts make mistakes when they fail to think in vivid images.


    The great Quebec Bridge fell down in the process of construction. All the factors de-termining its construction had been given careful thought by great engineers. There had been months of exact figuring and cal-culation of stresses and strains. Certainly, the engineers and constructors did not in-tend it to collapse, delay their work Marcus Williams Jersey , injure their reputation as bridge builders, and cause loss of life.


    Yet, it did collapse, and hence someone- evidently many engineers - made some serious mistake in thinking, overlooking some important factor. Can such mistakes in examining a plan-no matter what it is -be prevented? Can they always be pre-vented?


    As you study the failure of the noted en-gineers who planned the Quebec Bridge Ryan Ramczyk Jersey , and the colossal blunder of the great engineers who planned two of the subways of New York City, you will be convinced that the most expert and careful thinking about a plan, and the most exact examination of it, do not guarantee success nor prevent fail-ure. You will also be convinced that noth-ing but vivid images can prevent such fail-ures.


    This study will not mean much to you unless you realize that an idea differs from a mental image, and unless you discriminate between the process of "thinking-in-ideas" and that of "thinking-in-vivid-images."


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