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    April 6, 2020 10:18 PM PDT
    Question: 1

    In severe refinery services which type of pipe is normally used?

    A. Cast
    B. Machined
    C. Seamless
    D. Welded


    Answer: C


    Question: 2

    Pressure applied inside a pipe creates stresses in the pipe wall. These stresses are highest on which weld orientation?

    A. Circumferential weld
    B. Longitudinal weld
    C. 30 degree mitered weld
    D. All are about the same


    Answer: B


    Question: 3

    Which of the following is not an acceptable method for establishing the piping corrosion rate in a new service?

    A. Owner's experience
    B. Inspect the piping system within 3 months of operation
    C. Corrosion data from trade journal
    D. Corrosion data from phone discussion with a consultant corrosion engineer.


    Answer: D


    Question: 4

    Per B31.3 Chauncey Gardner-Johnson Youth Jersey , how much RT is conducted on circumferential welds of a pipe in Normal Service?

    A. 0%
    B. 5%
    C. 10%
    D. 100%
    E. Depends on flange class


    Answer: B


    Question: 5

    For welded pipe, the normal thickness undertolerance is:

    A. -0.00 inch.
    B. -0.01 inch.
    C. -0.0125 inch.
    D. -12.5% of the specified wall thickness.


    Answer: B


    Question: 6

    When qualifying a weld procedure the essential variables must:

    A. be recorded on only the PQR.
    B. be recorded on only the WPS.
    C. be recorded on both the WPS and PQR.
    D. be recorded on both the WPS and WPQ


    Answer: C


    Question: 7

    A pipe has a thickness designation of "40S". What does the "S" mean?

    A. Schedule
    B. Seamless
    C. Stainless steel
    D. Steel


    Answer: C


    Question: 8

    A hydrotest is being conducted on an underground line as a substitute for the external inspection.
    The test pressure is 200 psig. At the end of the test Erik McCoy Youth Jersey , the pressure must be at least:


    A. 100 psig.
    B. 175 psig.
    C. 190 psig.
    D. 195 psig.
    E. 200 psig.


    Answer: C


    Question: 9

    Determine the maximum allowed pressure for a Class 300 flange that has a design temperature of 950 掳F. The flange material is ASTM A217 gr.C12.


    A. 50 psig
    B. 375 psig
    C. 750 psig
    D. Not allowed - temperature is too high for this material


    Answer: B


    Question: 10

    An 8 NPS pipe is being replaced with A106 gr. B material. The pipe retirement thickness is 0.218" and the corrosion allowance is 0.125". What'is the minimum thickness of pipe that could be ordered after adjusting for mill-tolerance?

    A. 0.218"
    B. 0.249"
    C. 0.343"
    D. 0.353"
    E. 0.392"


    Answer: E


    Question: 11

    A welder is being qualified by RT on a 0.600" plate using the SMAW process. What is the maximum allowed elongated slag inclusion for this qualifying test?


    A. 0.125"
    B. 0.200"
    C. 0.600"
    D. 1.200"


    Answer: B


    Question: 12

    During the evaluation of a radiograph, the density at the 101 is 3.0. What is the minimum density allowed on this radiograph in the weld?


    A. 2.00
    B. 2.10
    C. 2.55
    D. 3.00


    Answer: C

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