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    June 2, 2020 1:38 AM PDT
     n this article John Brooks USA Jersey , I will put a brief light on some areas where machine learning is revolutionizing the state of affairs and that are most likely to adopt machine learning like never before.鈥?br > 1. Cyber Security

    Existing system to monitor traffic coming from outside nodes or the traffic exchanged between internal PC and servers exchanged can be defeated by the volume and variety of nutshell, all existing IDS (information detection system) have a limit to produced alerts per unit time but the way IOT is coming up big, these limits will be insufficient to safeguard the enterprise of Machine Learning can make Cyber Security Strategy aligned to new age threats.


    2. Malware
    The rate at new malware are getting generated Joe Corona USA Jersey , it will be impossible for existing tools & methods to detect all of them. The bigger challenge is the mutation of malware, where most of the new malware differ less that 2% of previous malware. This slight change in the definition of malware on a gigantic scale throws a tough age deep learning models are capable of fighting this challenge.


    3. Legal Documents
    Legal documents are very lengthy & complex to study for a normal executive unless you hire a costly lawyer, many times these legal documents are not fully studied in a belief that everything will be all using deep learning and topological data analysis a complex legal document can be translated into big strings of the number of documents or complexity of a document can be tackled by Machine Learning.


    4. Health Care
    Continuous Improvement of medicines against countless patterns is a job Machine Learning can do a better. Medical experts along with Data Scientists are making a regression model to look at the relationship between independent variables that drive future events based on the hypothetical analysis that indicates the future medical pattern of a person can also give lots of information regarding the future health learning of these patterns can also reduce the avoidable hospitalization or emergency situations.


    5. Money Laundering
    Web of millions of transactions world over happening every day is throwing challenge to financial institutions and as well security agencies when it comes to monitoring bad transactions especially oney Laundering鈥?with help of deep learning along with machine learning company or agency can detect fraudulent transactions from sea of all transactions.


    6. Intelligence Gathering
    Intelligence is gathered by many ways and one of the most important way (controversial at the same time) is surveillance. But the challenge now days is to detect and pass on the intelligence in real time. It is becoming difficult because the amount of data generated per unit time is huge and further getting ine a case where multiple cameras backed with data model can detect a criminal element from a crowd of thousands in a stadium or public gatheringSo Machine Learning can help to make intelligence gathering effective and faster.


    7. Cars
    Autonomous Cars are an ideal example of how Machine Learning can revolutionize the world. Imagine an autonomous car that actually drives itself the way you would have driven. This is possible by the use of Machine learning and list goes on like AC temperature Jesse Gonzalez USA Jersey , inside lighting and so ine Learning also helps autonomous cars in a big way in other aspects of security, fuel consumption, and better maintainability.


    8. Customer Service
    It was impossible for an MNC to study each and customer  behavior Gyasi Zardes USA Jersey , likes and needs given a large number of customers it has. But with the effective use of Machine Learning, it will be possible. It does not mean that customer service has to be automated completely, but humans assisted with inputs from Machine Learning can do wonders in customer e are many more areas where Machine Learning will play a crucial role Graham Zusi USA Jersey , I have listed down few of them. You can put areas you think where machine learning can be used in the comment section.


    Would you like to learn machine learning? Would you like to apply it to real world situations as described above? We recommend you check out our Machine learning using Python program. If you have any questions feel free to email us at ml@

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