About Us

Meet with our history.

From what it all began

It was a very long time, since when Ivan, freelancer, working on various engines and developing on all sorts of rubbish, after doing a 1 job on socialengine, suddenly realized that this is a very promising trend in web development. Ivan founded new company and put great efforts in his belive. Along with Nikita he started to work, customizing socialengine, develop new plugins and templates. Every month company hiring a new programmers and train them very hard.

What we have now?

We customized more than 60 projects on socialengine and create templates for more than 20 projects on socialengine script. We have 10 professional experienced developers and 1 designer ready to put as many efforts on each projects as it requires to make a great network.

Our plans

Of course we put a priority on a customization service, but we didn't forget about creation something new: great plugins or templates for socialengine. We would like to make more projects and release more new plugins and exert maximum efforts for the growing socialengine community.
Office :
SocialEnginePro LLC
Kyrgyzstan, Chuyskya state
city Bishkek
Tynystanova 152 3/62

Email :